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Sail Away - download

Kevin Browne CDs

Latest CDs - direct from manufacturer

You can order any number of my four latest CDs directly from the manufacturer for shipping anywhere in the world. Currently CD Baby only stocks one copy of each CD and we are no longer restocking them. Of course, you can buy any of my CDs directly from me and save on postage.

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Plant a Dream - CD

Songs for all seasons of life, both stirring the soul and challenging preconceptions, invite us to laugh and play, to remember loved ones now gone, and to think a little more deeply about what really matters.

Kevin Browne: Plant a Dream
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Georgia Sky - CD

Kevin's Georgia Sky CD takes the listener on a musical journey into the past. Through his thoughtful lyrics and moving instrumentals, this music will stir you on a deep level.

Kevin Browne: Georgia Sky
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Kevin Browne LIVE! - CD

Kevin Browne LIVE! was recorded in the home studio of SOLO Creative Media. The album has now been digitally mastered, and the sound quality is excellent. We think you will like the songs--mostly light-hearted but some serious. I Don't Wanna Fight features a children's chorus doing backing vocals.

Did you ever wonder what happened to someone you knew in school? Girl in the Front Row leads into I Knew You on this CD with that thought in mind.

Kevin Browne: Kevin Browne LIVE!

Scenery - CD

This CD features highly acoustic music about the journey, inspired by my travels to new places and the people I have had the pleasure to meet along the way. It includes several songs dedicated to my students. FULLY DIGITALLY MASTERED for optimum sound quality and volume. Thank you! By purchasing my CDs, you're helping me create more quality sound recordings of my new songs.

You can listen to the first 2 minutes of most of my songs on CD Baby. If you decide to buy, CD Baby will carefully package your purchases and deliver promptly to you.

Kevin Browne: SCENERY

Scottsmoor - CD

Scottsmoor is my most country sounding album yet. The title song is about a small rural community just north of Titusville, Florida. The cover art is a pastel drawing my wife did of Highway 1 pointing to Scottsmoor. The collection starts off with songs that I wrote for each of my three sons. It debuts the song, "Girl in the Front Row" FULLY DIGITALLY MASTERED.

Buy from me directly or order online from CD Baby. Either way, thank you for your support! By buying my CDs, you're helping me to produce more recordings of more of my songs.

Kevin Browne: Scottsmoor

No Way Out - download

A compilation of 17 original songs, including one instrumental (that would sound great on Echoes...) Simple, acoustic, thoughtful. Digitally mastered.

You can buy all my CDs directly from me and save on shipping, or use your credit card for CD Baby to ship your purchases to you

Kevin Browne: No Way Out

Kevin's songs on Apple iTunes

Georgia Sky at Apple iTunes - music downloads

The songs from Kevin's latest CD Georgia Sky may be purchased individually from Apple iTunes at this link. Give your ears a treat!
Georgia Sky at Apple iTunes
A stirring collection of acoustic goodness, including moving lyrics and vivid instrumentals.

Kevin Browne LIVE! at Apple iTunes - music downloads

Recorded in a live living room concert, this album captures the enthusiasm of the audience that day.
Kevin Browne LIVE! at Apple iTunes
Here's a direct link to buy Richie, Wanna See You, or Prayer for Kristina for your iPod

Scenery at Apple iTunes - music downloads

If you want to download songs from the Scenery album on Apple iTunes, here's your link
Scenery at Apple iTunes
Here's where you can go to get songs like "Aubrey", "Amisty's Shoes" and the title song, "Scenery" for your iPod. Enjoy!

Scottsmoor at Apple iTunes - music downloads

If you want to buy one song at a time from the Scottsmoor CD, here's your link
Scottsmoor at Apple iTunes
If you just want "Scottsmoor" or "Girl in the Front Row" or "Number One Fan", here's your chance to buy just the songs you want

No Way Out at Apple iTunes - music downloads

If you want to buy one song at a time for your iPod, here you go!
No Way Out at Apple iTunes
Wherever you are, you can buy by the song or the whole album for your iPod