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Kevin Browne: Guestbook

Janet Huang

January 17, 2012

Dear Mr.Browne,
How are you? Do you remember me? I'm the girl coming from Shanghai.You became my teacher during my American trip in Tillsville.We listened your music and liked it very much.Some of us bought your CDs.We miss you very much.Keep in touch.

Paul Ashworth

September 15, 2011

Your album Georgia Sky makes its way into common circulation on my radio around this time of year, every year. I love it.

Hannah Metcalf

September 4, 2011

I remember you from when i went to Astronaut, i never had you as a teacher but i remember sitting in your class for a day and you played us music, that was maybe four years ago. To this day i still think of those songs and wish i still had your cd. Ill definately be buying one sometime soon. I thought it was so cool to see a teacher different from all the others robot "teachers". Especial one that knew where scottsmoor was :] Keep making your beautiful music, its a joy to everyone who listens.

elijah mcnevich

August 30, 2011

yo whats up mr.browne! i was looking at your site to see which one i wanted to buy...its a hard decision. your music is so good. i look foward to learning more german (and dutch) haha

Felix Bader

February 27, 2011

Hallo, Kevin! Ich weiß nicht, ob du mich noch kennst. Ich war 1995 für zwei Wochen in deinem Haus zu Gast! QWürde mich freuen, wenn du dich mal meldest, dass wir uns mal ein bisschen austauschen können! Viele Grüße auch an deine Frau und deine Jungs! Felix


August 30, 2010

hallo kevin,
mir gefällt deine Musik total, du hast echt eine tolle Stimme!!
Leider habe ich die deutschen Lieder noch nicht gefunden, aber ich habe mir ja auch erst 3 oder 4 angehört :)
Wir sehen uns bald wieder
Liebe Grüße deine einzige deutsche ansprechpartnerin an der Schule:)


August 28, 2010

I dont know if you remember me back from George Air Base. You use to practice at the coffee house all the time. My favorite song of yours that you sang was "Jesus" remember you would sing the Jesus note really long. I still have the original tape you taped for me. Ive kept it all these years. I wanted to send it to you. It's your very beginnings. I think you would get a kick out of it.

May GOD richly bless you!
Your sis, Marie

Casey Drever

June 23, 2010

Hey Herr Browne :) Looking forward to playing with you in august at Nolans pub again....:P and hopefully the future gigs :).

Cassie Lema

June 17, 2010

Herr Browne, ich muss sagen, dass ich vernachlässige meine deutschen Zeit. Ich habe "sprang Schiff" zu studieren etwas Französisch. Don't be dissapointed, I still speak random bits of German daily. I can't believe it has been so long since I sat in your class and was content conversing all day in Deutsch. When I listen to my song it brings me back to the days of tea and cookies and our conversations. I most distinctly remember the time you let John Coverdale (Cloverdale) teach class and you passed me notes in class. Those are times I will always remember. It is incredible to me that I am graduating from UF in less than a year. Nick Sexson and I are still dating and he is every bit of the guy you always hoped for me (setting aside your son as your top choice of course). You would be proud of him, he is still taking German courses while I take French. I hope all is well with you. Keep writing your amazing music. Bread of the World will always be one of my favorites. But I will never forget my song and how you played it all day in all of my classes in that final week of high school for me :) Thanks for being a wonderful and inspirational teacher! I will always be jealous of your linguistical skills :)

Justin Reynolds

April 14, 2010

Mr. Browne, how have you been. Where do you play now outside of school, b.c i saw that all that jazz is closed.. i want to see you play live man. i miss that class soooo bad.

Jesper Nyholm

April 13, 2010

Alt er forfaengelighed :)

Hi Mr. Browne - I still remember your german class on AHS as Danish exchange student.

I can see you are still doing great and enjoying life to the max.

Det har du fortjent :)

Im living in Atlanta right now where i am trying to build an american division of my danish company.

Drop me a line one day, it could be great to meet you while im over here.

Pas godt paa dig selv og din familie :)



April 6, 2010

Jetzt musst du etwas neues Musik hier stellen! Dann koennen wir tanzen machen. Du bist der beste.Ich bin aufgeregt fuer Deutschfest 2011!
Lieb dich!


March 21, 2010

my geliefde browne familie in Jesus, n=genade en vrede vir julle. ek staan altyd verstom as ek aan jou taal- en musiektalente dink en ook jou ongeveinsde liefde vir die Woord van God. ek verlang na julle en hoop om julle binnekort weer te siene te kry. vra een van jou hollandse vriende om ook te help met die vertaling!

Carrie (Murphy) Ciolfi

February 21, 2010

Herr Browne,
I don't know if you remember me, but I was a German student of yours at AHS c/o 92. It is nice to see that you have a website now. I listened to your songs and you still wow me with them; although one of my favorite songs was not there-- tear the wall down. I still have your cassette tape with that song, however the cassette tape no longer plays. I would love to be able to get another copy of the cassette, please let me know where I could gain a copy.
It is great to know that you are still around especially playing your music!
Much Love,
Carrie (Murphy) Ciolfi

Hadley Sellers

February 5, 2010

Hey Mr. Browne
When are you having your next concert?

Austin Hooper

December 16, 2009

I just recently got the chance to listen to Georgia Sky, and it's the best album that you've put out Kevin. The instrumentals are awesome and the songs with lyrics are catchy. Can't wait to hear more.

Alex Miller

December 12, 2009

Whats up browne it was good to learn some german from you now i get to learn some more next semester. I thought id come by and say whats up hope u have a great rest of the year

Chris,Jeanet and little Eva :-)

November 28, 2009

dag Kevin!! Hoe gaat het?? Wij hebben vandaag je cd weer eens opgezet, geweldige muziek, genieten er erg van. Heb je ons geboorte kaartje nog ontvangen? Wij zijn dolgelukkig met onze kleine Eva, helemaal fantastisch. Ook zijn we verhuisd naar Baarn. Hebben jullie nog plannen om naar Nederland te komen? We hebben nu een hele grote zolder dus jullie zijn alijd welkom!!! Succes met alles veel groeten van ons uit Nederland

Erick W. Bennett

November 11, 2009

Moin Herr Browne,
I'm not sure if you remember me but, I sure do remember you. I like this website you've got here..Did you have to sell the lyrical big and white fan van to buy it?

Heather Shrewsbury

November 7, 2009

Herr Browne!!!

I just stumbled across your website and whoa, what a find this is! I was going through my cd's over the summer (I mostly listen to NPR these days) and saw yours on the shelf, so I put it in - for old times. Boy, it took me back. I think when I first bought it from you I must have listened to it 100 times! My roommates really enjoyed it and were impressed by your abilities. I proudly proclaimed, "That's my high school German teacher! He's a cool dude." You have a special place in my heart and I have many wonderful memories from German class. I hope you're doing well.

-The Little Irish Girl

Cassie Lema

November 1, 2009

Hello there Mr. Browne. I somehow stumbled upon my song today and it made me smile. Thank you so much again for my song and I will forever cherish it. I hope you are doing well and hope you are still enjoying life and writing beautiful music. I hope all is well!

Alyssa Griffin

October 3, 2009

It has been a very long time Mr. Browne!!! I happened to put in your cd the other day and it still sends me right back to high school German class with Libby and I fighting over who was the lieblingsmädchen lol. I hope all is well with you and I really can't wait to buy more of your's the best long-distance driving music :)

Dustin Weaver

September 24, 2009

I wish i had half of your ability to write and play. I'm very glad I got to know you and you have become and inspiration for me.

Elizabeth Collins aka Nawnee

September 22, 2009

I have enjoyed your music, travels and teaching through the eyes and ears of my granddaughter Taylor. She admires you so very much and now I see why. What a wonderful witness you are! God Bless you and your loved ones. Please continue to share your love of life with the young people in the world. Thank you for allowing Taylor and me to be a small part of your corner of life.

Ian Barry

September 2, 2009

Hey Mr. Browne, just taking a look at your page and listening to some of your music. I think you should check out the Space Coast Craigslist to see if you could sell some albums off the site.

The Wednesday night German class is my first and will be my only in-class class (in 5 years) at BCC before I get to UCF. I feel like I lucked out getting you as a teacher since I took this class not to fulfill a requirement but to learn German for my wife and myself. I was dreading having to sit through a class and listen to some teacher that taught out of the book and only did it because it was "their job".

Tonight was only the third class, but thank you for what you do.

Ian Barry

Paul Browne

June 28, 2009

Just had to look are great, paintings too! We finally got email again, your brother...."Cornbread"...corn fed!!! Oh , can't wait to hear "Finding A Job"

Hussein The Great

June 22, 2009

Hey Kevin, you need to put more metal in your music! How did you do in the class? Alright, let me know when you're gonna be around campus, we'll have a beer. Chao.

Ed Kindle

May 20, 2009

Hi Kevin -
Your photos from Relay for Life are online on my Flickr page if you have not yet seen them. I really enjoyed your performance and am enjoying your CD. Thanks!

brent bennae

April 25, 2009

awesome website herr browne

justin Sachariason

March 26, 2009

Hey Kevin browne is the best in the world. Your 2nd block class is fun and your tunes are amazing. i'll be sure to go to either the enchanted forest or down town to see you play. can't wait. tusch


February 16, 2009

My name is Sam. I joined your concert with James in Japan. My favorite song is Amisty's shoes. I would like to know where James is now.

Robert Draft

January 8, 2009

Moin moin Herr Browne! Wie gehts mein lehrer? This is the first time I've ever hopped on your website and I gotta say: Es ist sehr schön! Sorry I didn't check it out sooner. I'm looking forward to the new material in German 2 and hope you bring in your guitar more often, I just can't get enough of those awsome tunes you dish out! See you im deutsche Klassenzimmer.

Tyler Randall

December 17, 2008

As always, your music is excellent and your endeavors admirable. I hope to see or hear about your songs in a wider venue one day, and you certainly deserve it.

Kyle Harris aka Shredder

November 23, 2008

Herr Browne! Wie gehts? It has been too long. I think the last time I saw you was at Sea World almost a year ago. Just like Dustin said, I'll totally be sure to come visit you once I get some leave. I still love your music and like Dustin said, don't ever stop. Because we wont! Nex Mortalis and Kevin Browne FOREVER!!! hahahah

Auf wieder sehen...

nick sinclair

November 21, 2008

hi. my brother studied in Norway with you. his name is Jared. i got your CD, no way out, from him. i have to say, the CD is amazing. thank you for the songs!

Dustin Marrs

November 18, 2008

Mr. Browne, I never had you as a teacher back in high school but you were such a cool guy and I played in a few of your Variety Shows. You may remember me and Kyle Harris, we always hung out together. Anyway, just want to say hello and that you are a huge inspiration to me! Ill be sure to visit when I get a chance to come home from the Marines, I hope all is well; and don't ever stop writing and playing music! I know I never will!

- Dustin

Christopher Greenfield

November 16, 2008

Hey Mr. Browne!

You Told Me To Watch The "Back In Illinios"

It Was An Amazing Video!!!

By The Way...Can You Get Me The Intro To "Bread Of The World?"

I Really Want To Learn It!

Please E-Mail Me..And Maybe I Can Come In Sometime This Week!!!

Thanks, Christopher Greenfield


November 12, 2008

you are an insperation (prolly spelled that wrong)


November 12, 2008

Hallo Kevin und Debbie...

Super Homepage habt Ihr. Hoffe es geht Dir und deiner Familie gut. Würde mich freuen mal wieder was von euch zu hören...

Es grüßt aus weiter ferne...

Chris und Nadine

Dan McLean

November 10, 2008

I just wanted to drop by and say "I doubt that". But really, I hope everything is going well for you. I can't wait for the next opportunity to hear you live. I've been jammin to your music a lot lately and it always brings back great memories.

Dan McLean

Bethany DeCelles

November 6, 2008

Hello Mr. Browne! I know you must remember me, Bethany Thorstenson- and now I'm married to Ken DeCelles! We live in Tampa now, and I am in my last semester of my Education degree. :)

I'm listening to your Scottsmoor CD right now... I will always love it. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know (like MANY others on this site) that you are an awesome teacher. Since I've been studying to be one for 2 years now, I understand your methods more and have such a GREAT respect for the way you taught. I hope you are still teaching!!! :)

Thank you,

Bethany DeCelles
(though always a Thorstenson at heart!)

Donna Knowles-Lynne

November 6, 2008

Great music, I am Eva Knowles mom, She told me about you and played your composition that you wrote for your mother. I am also a musician and vocalist. I would love to sing and Play with you and your wife sometime. Did Eva tell you that she plays Cello. I am very impressed by your family. Your wife is a wonderful artist. My husband Mark is also an artist. Well I look forward to meeting you all one day. I also noticed that Lion is your sound and studio guy. I have a very close friend, Rhonda Mallard that has done several CD's with Lion. Well happy Music...

Paul Ashworth

October 6, 2008

yo brotha!
I'm gonna go and see you tomorrow at the Southside BBQ and i can't wait.
It will be very interesting to see you as someone other than a teacher.

Love you man,


October 1, 2008

Hey Kevin & Debbie
How are you ? I hope everything is fine !
I still study in Paris ( english and german ), this is my second year now!
I have to make a professional training in June or July maybe, I hope I'll find something in the US and I'll pay you a visit =)


Emmanuelle ( fron France ! )

Devin McLean

September 22, 2008

Herr Browne. Unfortunately, your #1 fan has been super busy with work and school to catch your last two shows. My apologies. I figured I would come to your website to see if you had any scheduled shows coming up, but you do not :( I will surely see you at your next performance.


Devin McLean

P.S. I doubt that.


September 10, 2008

Hey Mr. Browne! I miss seeing you every day. Thats the only bad thing about not being in high school now. :[ I am currently listening to nokogiriyama, my most favorite songgg. I didn't know nokogiriyama was in Japan. I was looking at your pictures, Japan is beautiful. Im still waiting for my song, lol. Im just kidding. Miss you tons. Love, Kaylaaaaa

Roxanne and Phil Rizzo

August 23, 2008

Hey Debbie and Kevin,
We just finished looking at your Hawaii Pic's.........they are beautiful!!!!! I have friends that go each year and spend 2 weeks; their pic's are good, but y'alls are incredibly fabulous. Hawaii wasn't on my list of places to visit, but since seeing your pics I may have to rethink my travel plans.
Together in God's Faith,
Rox and Phil

John Ford

July 9, 2008

Hey Mr. Browne I really like the music. It takes me back to! I checked out the albums on iTunes and bought a couple of songs. The songs are nicely produced too.

Major & Connie Inch

June 16, 2008

Aloha Kevin & Debbie,
I have really enjoyed the songs on the Georgia Sky album, the insight that you gave me on what prompted the lyrics and why you wrote them comes to life every time I play it. The Scottsmoor album brings a smile to my face and allows for the mind to wonder a bit to a more idyllic time. To bad you had to go back to the mainland, I’ll miss the talk story on your other albums.
Warmest Aloha Major, from Inn Paradise, Kauai, Hawaii

Steven Hofmann

June 4, 2008

Mr. Browne! Your Cd is amazing. I haven't stopped listening to it since I got it Monday. I've already picked my favorite song and that's "What's the Question." Everything in that song is amazing and the piano part is just awesome. I love the new CD.


May 24, 2008

Hi Mr. Browne! How is your long weekend? I am here with Schnickity! she says "HI!" I love all of your songs, especially At your doorstep and my song-Emily. Thanks for writing it, it makes Schnick really jealous! hahaha. Well, I just wanted to drop you a line, oh and your site is really cool. Nice background picture. Hab ein gute nacht! Guten abend Herr Browne.

Marissa and Andrea Boyd

May 8, 2008

Not sure if you remember us or if you are stil lteaching at Astronaut but just wanted to stop in and say HI!1.. Love your songs, especially Scottsmore!! We went into Asronaut to see you but noone was in your old classroom....


April 6, 2008

Chris and I recently finished the video biographies of your parents. It was a great pleasure to get to spend a little time with your family - you have something special. I was sorry to hear of your Mom's passing.

Your song "Remember Me", that I put at the end of your Mom's video, has been a real blessing to me. It has become my "prayer song" these days and has given me words to pray as I visit my wife's grandmother who is in her last days.

Thanks for using your gift.

Warmest regards,
Rick Greene


April 6, 2008

Hallo Kevin!!!

Super Seite...
Hoffe Dir und Debbie, sowie den "Kindern" geht es super... Liebe Grüße aus Bruchsal, sendet Dir Christian und Nadine


March 31, 2008

Hello my dear friend !

I hope you're all so fine. My mum just told me about this site and... it's just so (can't find the word, I run to my dictionnary) terrific (?) to see you thru a computer screen. Well, of course I'd prefer to meet you again in Villejuif or, why not, somewhere near Titusville, Florida, as in the good old time (I'm not sure this is not a Gallicism... doesn't matter) !

I hope to hear you very soon...


Cody Bissonnette

March 11, 2008

Hello Mr. Browne it has been a while. My birthday is comming up again and I was thinking about last year when you gave me that concert in German class and I don't know if I ever told you how much I enjoyed that and how much it meant to me. I don't think I have ever really had anyone (much less a group of people) outside my family that I ever felt so at home with. I just wanted to wish you a happy life and I hope that someone will bless you in your life as much as you have in mine. With deepest appreciation, Cody Bissonnette

Tessa Gebert

March 6, 2008

Hi Mr. Browne!

I see Emily has already beat me to posting. It is nice that you are still writing music. I'm really glad I came across your site. I really like the ability to purchase the mp3 files. I wish I knew a little more about the background of the songs, but I'm really happy to be able to keep up with your music.
Things are going well in the big G-ville. I am currently in my second semester of German at UF, beginning German that is. It is a really awesome class. My teacher is from Mannheim and is really really nice. It is a really small class which is much different from my engineering classes. I am really glad I am taking this class because it really helps me build my foundation of the language. I do miss the little German stories though.

Your student,

Emily Williams

March 4, 2008

Hey Mr. Browne,

Me and Tessa Gebert (who is currently my roommate, by the way) were searching under google and typed in "cherry blossoms" to get some good computer background stuff...when we came across your wife's painting. We saw just the image of the painting and the URL at the top of the screen as we were like, "wow! Someone has the same name as Mr. Browne! let's go check out the website..." and lo and behold, it was you! It was so weird. How are you?

Tessa and I are nearing the end of our sophomore year at UF and we're enjoying ourselves immensely. Tessa is majoring in Mechanial Engineering and I'm double majoring with English/Wildlife Ecology & Conservation. I'm actually considering minoring in French.

Your website is so snazzy! Quite impressed. We were looking at your photographs and I was constantly commenting how much I envied you. You are quite the world traveler! And Mrs. Browne's paintings are beautiful.

It's awesome to see that you are doing well, and don't hesitate to e-mail me ( to keep in touch! I would love to hear from you!

Kindest regards,

Emily Williams

P.S. GO VILLA!!! :)


January 19, 2008

Guten Morgen Kevin. Wie wird die Schule gehen? Ich habe das Hören von Kevin Browne Live! CD-und realisierte ich bekam nie eine Chance zu sehen, wenn ich zu Hause war im September. Es war großartig zu können, sprechen Sie mit Ihrem Sohn und Debbie aber ich wünschte, ich könnte dich gesehen habe. Ich höre auf die cd ... Ich glaube nicht, dass ich jemals genießen jede cd so viel Spaß, wie ich No Way Out. Es ist so schwer für mich zu hören The Choice, aber ich liebe das Lied so sehr, ich höre es. Ich habe nie wirklich die Nummer des Liedes, bis ich im Gespräch mit Jess, und sie erzählte mir, warum es schmerzt so sehr ... Ihre Songs sind so real und liebevolle und wahr. Ich bin froh, dass ich Sie für meine Lehrer und für die nach wie vor, dass sie mit mir. Ich muss wieder nach Hause, damit ich im September wird es einen Punkt, um zu sehen, die Sie dann. Gibt es eine Sache, die Sie möchten, dass von hier aus, während ich noch diese Art und Weise? I kinda verpassen Sie Mailing-Boxen mit deutschen stuff. =) Nun, ich werde Sie zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt zu sprechen.

Zelko Sesum

January 17, 2008

Hi Kev,I found your web page by chance checking for some music. In reading your biography I am almost certain that you are a brother of Dennis. I am Dennis Yugoslav friend from middle 70-ties while he was in Yugoslavia. I learned to play guitar on his 12 string Framus guitar at that tome, and I enjoyed playing "Two Steps Behind Your" and "Waiting-Anticipating". I remember I told to Dennis that you are obviously talented guy and you should write more songs.
It would be my pleasure to hear from you.
All the best to you and to your family.

Tiffany Clem

December 20, 2007

Ich liebe dich Herr Browne. Your amazing. I love your site and I cant wait to buy more CD's. I just got to come up with the money after x-mas. I hope you can finish your new CD before I graduate!!! I'd love to get all of them!!! ~love T.C.~

Gloria (Roces) Fitzpatrick

December 7, 2007

How wonderful it is to hear your music again! I often tell my children about you and how much I enjoyed having you as an instructor at Astronaut High! I even remember some of the music and songs you introduced to the class and have even sung a few to my little ones!

Once again - thank you for all the fond memories of German class.


Christopher Marsden

December 6, 2007

Hey Mr. Browne. I guess we keep missing each other. Well, I was thinking that when I come down to Florida next, we can get together and jam out or chill. Talk to you later Mr. Browne. Be safe. Take care.

Ben Thorstenson

December 6, 2007

Hey Coach! Im sure you remember me just by my last name. I will always remember you as the best foreign language teacher, but most of all as a great coach. You helped me achieve great things and I when I talk about you I realize you have been a great mentor for me. Thanks for being such an inspiration and keep up the good work!

Ryan New

October 14, 2007

Hey, this is Daniel's cousin with the dorky shirt. Thank you so much for playing tonight at St. Lukes. I love your music and voice. I wish I could sing...any tips? Haha, I was supposed to take German 1 this year but i was told it was full. I don't know how I'm going to get my 2 credits worth by next year if they won't let me take it :( . I was wondering also if you are teaching german 1 at BCC next semester. I only have .5 credits im Deutsch and I can't get Bright futures without 2. sorry for rambling


eric hoffmann

October 6, 2007

Deine Seite ist sehr cool Herr Browne. Ich hoffe dass alles mit dir gut ist, und dass du diese Seite manchmal aktualisierst!

Steve Wittmann a.k.a. -==3DGuy==-

August 22, 2007

Hey Kevin, Hi Debbie,

What a journey it’s been so far! How many years has it been? Thirty-one and counting by my reckoning. Nineteen seventy-six and seventy-seven were two very special years! They were Spring years – years of rebirth and new beginnings. I still can’t get over how we all ended up so close. Victorville and Titusville are very small in a very big world.

Kevin, I read through your online lyrics. I see you’ve stayed busy writing. I look forward to hearing your music. In the late ‘80s, a storm flood ruined all my music books. By the time I dug them out, they were nothing but mush. I daresay, some of your earlier music was among the casualties.

I too continued to write over the years, some music, some poetry, some fiction and I have a manuscript in the works that does not get the attention it deserves.

I noticed your guestbook visitors are sometimes your students. In keeping with the theme of creative writing, I’ll share a short poem I wrote looking at life from both a child’s eye and the melancholy view of introspection. (Good Golly Miss Molly, I hope you don’t mind!)

Time Spent
By Steve Wittmann

Watching sunsets across the water,
Climbing trees and building forts,
Eating ice-cream cones and Cracker-Jacks,
Catching frogs and getting warts.
Peeling chewing-gum wrappers, blowing bubbles,
Daydreaming while clouds float by.
Walking railroad tracks and secret paths,
And always asking "Why?"
Picking berries when in season,
And swimming at the lake,
A monster at the matinee,
And leaves that need the rake.
Today is tomorrow's yesterday,
Never wondered where they went.
Aging was just living life,
And that's how the time was spent.

Secret codes and love letters,
Smuggled during class.
Bicycles soon gave way to cars,
And the rising cost of gas.
Carnations for the senior prom,
Part-time jobs at night,
Choosing favorite candidates,
Occasional bar-room fights.
A career advance and wedding bells,
My how the years did fly,
Time to start it all again,
Is someone asking "Why?"
Today is tomorrow's yesterday,
Ever wonder where they went?
Aging is just living life,
And that's how the time was spent.

Take care and God bless,

Michele der "Schweizer"

August 10, 2007

Hey Mister Browne
How are you doing? Leider habe ich es letztes Mal nicht geschafft dich zu besuchen. Ich bin wieder in Amerika und studiere im Moment in Hawaii. Ich wollte dir schnell mitteilen, dass dein Song "Ek kyk op" meine Lieblingsband Rascal Flatts "in den Schatten stellt". Das heisst, auf Deutsch übersetzt, ich höre ihn im Moment ständig, und nur diesen Song :-) Ich hoffe dich einmal an einem deiner Konzerte Live sehen zu können. Also, ich wünsche dir weiterhin viel Erfolg mit der Musik und melde dich doch wenn du wieder einmal so ein "Hammersong" wie "Ek kyk op" zusammenkriegst:-) Take care my super german teacher from 2001. Liebe Grüsse Michele "Schweizer"

Chris Nunez

July 28, 2007

Hi Kevin and Debbie,

I am at work late tonight, working an overtime shift. The "action" has calmed down now and it is slow and quite.

I started reminescing about the past and the path our lives have journeyed. You and Debbie came to mind, so I thought I would say hello on your website.

You have accomplished so much together. The last time we visited when you came to Califorina. You and Debbie still seemed like the kids we were in 1977. By the way, I mean this as a compliment! I was honored to meet your kids, talented and smart like their parents.

For all your friends and fans. If you have read Kevin's bio. I am the "mutual friend" that God used to bring Kevin and Debbie together.

God Bless old friends.

Benni *The German*

June 28, 2007

Hey Mr. Browne just chekcing your site out and I have to say that wow I looks awesome. By the way my parents totally love your music my dad listens to it every day five or six times. Keep in touch with me! I think you got my e.mail address.
Have a good one
Dein Benni


May 16, 2007



April 26, 2007

Looks like you had an awesome trip to Europe, Kevin. Did you like Lillehammer in Norway? I live there!! :)

Scott Smith

April 22, 2007

i miss Herr Browne's philosophy 101
Derrick and I are gonna come down and chill in your class. we'll bring Hodge too


April 20, 2007

hey mr. browne i just wanted to say you have made the biggest impact in my life and the class of 2007 will miss you soo much!! you have been the best and my fav teacher in astronaut high school WE LOVE YOU!!!


April 2, 2007

Checking out the site for the first time. Like all of the new pictures.

Robin Broome

March 25, 2007

your songs are great and they are really deep but i love scottsmoor it is the total and complete truth

Noah Eagle

March 23, 2007

You where awsome in mr. gaddapees class and i wanted to here some more. ill be sure to buy a CD and keep up the awsome work.


March 23, 2007

intesting place ya have here. your music still inspires me. keep it up.

Nicole Hall

February 14, 2007

Hey Mr. Browne!!!
How are you doing???
I miss your class and hearing your music!!
Shelby and I need to start a Mr. Browne fan club :-)
Have a great day!

Eric J. Fisher

February 12, 2007

Hey Herr Browne, I hope everything is going well for ya. I just wanted to say thank you for everything! You're a great musician and you've been a great role model for me. It's been 5 years since I was one your students, yet I still think of you as the best teacher I've had the privilege of being instructed by, and even after more then 5 years having your music. I still listen to it regularly. Herr Browne is about the best a student could ask in a teacher.

Dan McLean

February 10, 2007

Last night was awesome! Thank You for performing for us.

-Don McLean "American Pie"
-"I doubt that."

Emily Huffman

February 6, 2007

Hey Mr. Browne!!!

I'm going to try and make it to your concert this friday! I miss hearing you play in class, so i'm really excited to hear you again after so long. =)


January 17, 2007

hello mein lehrer. i just got home and popped in your cd. and i am now listening to it in fact and like i expected i'm not dissapointed. but i just had a thought. do you realy ahve a friend named Bubba?

Brandie Teumer

December 27, 2006

Hey Mr. Browne!
It's been a long time, I know, and I haven't kept in touch like I should. I used to be in your classes, German I and II. :) You know, the girl that absolutely couldn't properly speak German to save her life but boy I could translate. Somewhat.
I still have No Way Out, and your songs still inspire me. I used to live in Scottsmoor after I graduated Astronaut, so I can't wait to get that CD and see if your voice has changed any... :) God bless, Mr Browne! Happy New Year!


December 22, 2006

Hallo kevin,
habe gerade deine homepage studiert. eure europareise war ja wirklich toll !
wir fahren heute nach schweden um dort weihnachten zu feiern.
wir hoffen, dass es der ganzen familie gut geht und wuenschen euch ein schoenes und friedliches weihnachsfest. ralph/katarina/sebastian/magdalena


December 20, 2006

Hiya Brownie. So you are by far the greatest German teacher everr! Hehe. I'm really going to miss your class. I just wanted to say thanks for a great year and never loosing it completely even though we deserved it. I really learned a lot more than just German from you and I’ll definitely carry all your lectures (even the boring ones =]) with me forever. Thanks for all you did for us Brownie; I really appreciate it! I hope all is well and stays well with you! Have a fantastic Christmas! God Bless…

-Schelbie =]

Cheryl Tatum

October 25, 2006

Hey Mr. Browne! So glad that I found your website, I just ordered No Way Out. Guess I need to buy Scottsmoor next :-) I always loved when you'd play for us in class. I hope I can make it to one of your concerts some time. Glad to see all is well!

cody bissonnette

October 20, 2006

guten tag Herr Browne. i really enjoyed listening to your music in class on wednesday especially the song about the girl in the front row and i'll probably end up buying some eventually but i decided to search you out and show my apprechiation out of class so that i can keep face as the delinquent. well weidersehen -cody- p.s. i am so hotter than the girl in the front row =p

Daniel Aka D-Rock

October 5, 2006

Thanks Mr. Browne for showing me how to play a few songs. One day I'll Get the songs down. I'll try and have some people buy your CDs too. Well Good luck on your leg. God Bless!!


September 28, 2006

Mr. Browne! I love your songs!!! They are really calming and just so nice to listen to. You should write a song about me!!! Bring your guitar in tomorrow. See you tomorrow! Bye!!!

Nicole Schmatolla

September 27, 2006

Kevin, I love the site! Hillary just showed it to me. Looking at the pictures from your trips and reading your journal makes me want to quit teaching to just travel all over the world. Great music and artwork also, of course! What a creative family!

Jessica Henderson

September 17, 2006

Hey Mr.Browne
Love the music. I think you should play scottsmoor. I Love that song well see you in class.


Nicole Hall

September 8, 2006

Hi Mr. Browne! I bought your albums on itunes! I think next time you bring in your gituar in second block you need to play Light From a Distance! I really like that song! See you Monday!
Auf Wiederseehen!

Chris Greenfield

August 26, 2006

umm so Mr. Browne i was just thinking you should make some ringtones up for a cell phone. that would be kinda cool!

Terra Coe

August 22, 2006

Hi Mr. Browne,
I am so glad to hear that you have more CDs. We waited for them for a while. I was listening to your 1st Cd the other day. I miss German class. I find myself teaching some of the associates where I work how to speak German. It is fun! I am going to have to buy your other CDs. You should come to Jacksonville and do a concert. Later Terra

Andrea Price

August 21, 2006

I enjoyed your class today and it was great seeing you again! I'm glad the trip to Japan went so well. So, now that you're an international success what are you going to do? All of the Japanese people in Chiba love you and that love is spreading and you will take more than one region of Japan over. Soon... the whole continent. Yay! Eh.. sorry, I'm a bit hyped up on anime and energy drinks. Anyway, have a great day!


August 16, 2006

Hallo Kevin. Was gibts? I got your letter in the mail about 2 weeks ago and now I finally have a chance to look at the re-done site. Ist sehr schön. I wish we could have gotten together on your trip here but I know your schedual was tight and all. Anyway, I love all the new pictures and hope to see you next time you come out this way. I need to get going.. I get my new keys for my place in Landstuhl in 2 days and move in 5.... Got more stuff to take down and pack that I don't want the movers touching.. Well, Miss you loads and will send you the check for a new No Way Out cd soon. Tschüs!!

Emily Huffman

July 31, 2006

Hey Mr. Browne!! I find myself missing your class more and more i should sign up for your class at BCC while i still can before i graduate.

I saw your recently updated pictures you're so lucky to be able to visit such beautiful places.

I hope to see you sometime in the near future until then i will continue to listen to your cds.

Have a great day! ~Emily

Gary Melhaff

July 31, 2006

Hi Kevin, Debbie's cousin here - great images, cool site. Debbie's paintings are awsome! How come you guys got all the talent pool? Would love to hear mp3 cuts from some of your songs! I love cello sound. I play synth cello at church on my yamaha midi horn (wx5 with vl70-m tone generator) - seems there is close tonal quality between my tenor saxophone and cello so always been fascinated with the similarites in tone. Take care, Gary

Paul Perryman

July 22, 2006

I truly enjoyed perusing these images. Thank you for sharing:-)
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