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Kevin Browne: Photos

One of the many terrific displays in the Marine Corps Museum
Debbie and her dad looking at a monument
Inside the MacArthur Memorial, Norfolk, Virginia

Scenes from Memphis

Cindy, Griffin, Matthew, Debbie at Memphis Botanical Gardens
fascinated by the colors
studying the painting
looking at art in Memphis
Cindy in the kitchen
Like father, like son

Scenes of Shenendoah

Kevin with Debbie's Dad--a World War II veteran, Memorial Day 2012
Rocky Crags overlooking Harper's Ferry, West Virginia 2009
Shenendoah Valley overlook
On the corner at Harper's Ferry, West Virginia

Scenes from Kaua'i

Kalalau lookout from Koke'e State Park
Another view of Napali from Kalalau lookout
Wailua Falls
Kevin and Debbie at Inn Paradise, Kaua'i
Kevin hiking from Kuamo'o road
View of Makaleha Mountains from hiking trail
Beautiful view of Kaua'i coast
Water streaming from Wai'ale'ale, the wettest spot on earth!
View of Waimea Canyon
Flying over Waimea Canyon
Cloud shadow over Waimea Canyon
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