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Kevin Browne: Songs

A Simple Observation

(Kevin Browne)
July, 2013
by Kevin Browne

Many people work and live in their local communities and are rarely, if ever, recognized for their contributions to those communities. I think this happens more often than most want to admit, because the public spends far too much time lauding pop and movie stars.  This is a tribute to those who spend their lives in the service of their local communities and understand that there is something greater than themselves.

This song was actually written during a relay for life, but I have since re-worked it for a third time. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for listening.

You never move around at all

Much like a fixed point on the wall

And though you’d like to leave tonight

You give your hometown one small light



And oh it’s a simple observation you know

But it brings a confirmation, so

When you look into the starry sky

You know longer have to question why


Compared to the universe we’re small

Nature can be so cruel when you fall

But when the doubts creep deep inside

You know exactly where to hide



They speak revolution, but it’s all illusion, ‘cause apathy reigns in their heart

And they’re contemplating how not to debate it, to be left alone in the dark

Peace at all cost