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Kevin Browne: Songs

Redemption Here

(Kevin Browne)
November, 2009
by Kevin Browne

One Christmas season we were caroling in the neighborhood and one of the neighbors started talking to Tom Yoho. He was irritated that “the church” was not doing more for the poor. Some of his concerns were valid, but his attitude was confrontational and negative. Many of his conclusions were also simply false. After that night I went home and wrote this song.

I hope you enjoy it and thanks for listening. Leon did a neat little echo with my lead guitar at the end of the song.

I saw your face, I heard your words, you made it very clear

You don’t wanna know, don’t wanna see, if there’s redemption here



Profess yourself wise, tell yourself lies

See where you stand

But nothing will move, nothing will change

That hasn’t been planned


I saw your house when darkness fell surrounding your every fear

Looked in your eyes, offered you hope, but is there redemption here




You can’t deny the truth to yourself or complain about the cards you’ve been dealt

Rely on yourself, but that hasn’t helped

‘Cause the answer won’t come unless you’re compelled


-1st verse-



Chords: C   Em  Am

               Fmaj7   Em

               Dm7   G