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Kevin Browne: Songs


(Kevin Browne)
September, 2012
by Kevin Browne

Our middle son asked me one day if I wanted to go ice-skating. We hadn’t been for many, many years, but I said yes. We started skating about twice a month at the Rockledge Ice-Plex (“the coolest place in town”). I’ve always enjoyed watching the speed skaters, chiefly from the Netherlands, during the Winter Olympics, so it’s been very enjoyable learning to skate again. There’s something special about gliding across the ice, especially when the Zamboni has just come off and it’s so smooth.

I’ve always liked the Vince Guaraldi songs from the Peanuts Christmas cartoon, so I asked Leon Olguin if he would put a piano track down. It worked very well. Leon’s piano gives you the feeling of anticipation before you skate and then when the “skating begins” his piano takes off. He’s a very gifted pianist and you’re only hear a small part of his genius here. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for listening.

You can see your breath in the air

Its winter but you don’t care

‘Cause there’s daylight left to spare

Anticipation everywhere – but you’re waiting



You’ve never been impulsive

You’ve always been quite staid

With steady pulse and a push off

It feels so good to touch (put) the ice to the blade (ice to the blade)


In the past it was all worth the price

Although you stumbled once or twice

The Zamboni’s your favorite device

As it smoothens out the ice – still you’re waiting, waiting




So now you’ve waited and that’s okay

For this perfect part of the day

Yeah this moment it feels so nice

As your blade glides across the ice, now you’re skating, you’re skating




Chords: G   D  Am7  D

               G   C