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Kevin Browne: Songs

On the Wall

(Kevin Browne)
June, 2013
by Kevin Browne

There’s a word on the wall, but you never would believe it

But you opened your eyes and then began to read it

There’s a world that you made, a reality you created

That was brought to its knees and now you begin to hate it



There’s a truth in the world even though you deny

And your logic begins to prove it, so you run and you hide

There’s a light in the world still you run for the darkness

And you hide your thoughts of the past ‘cause they only lead to reason


And the lies that surround you, you nurture with a passion

But reality strikes and you’re paralyzed with inaction

There are voices that claim, you create your life’s own meaning

In a life filled with fear, now you hope you’re only dreaming






 Chords: (capo 1)  Dm   Am7   Em7   Am7

                              Fmaj7   Am7