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Kevin Browne: Guestbook

Dorothy Browne

July 21, 2006

Hi Kev and Debbie,
Glad you are back home safe and sound Kev.
Just went through your web site, pictures etc. Your web site is really great. Guess you will be getting ready to start classes soon. Take care.
Love You, Mom and Dad


July 21, 2006

really nice
praise God

Mark K. Nunez

July 21, 2006

Hey Kevin.. Mark here from California-How's this- Chris is a dad again for the 5th time- he has two sons now. a new born and a 1 1/2 year old.

I am ordering your new CD now- Tell Debbie hello for us-

Jenn Stahre

July 20, 2006

So, it took me a while, but I finally made it over here to your website. I am very impressed! I can't wait to hear some of your new stuff. I'll be ordering your cd soon.

Steven Scheick

July 19, 2006

Herr Browne, I found a group that you might like: FolkPort. They're a Nordic group. Here's their website:

Lydia Folkersma

July 18, 2006

Hallo Kevin en Debbie,
Wij hebben jullie site even bekeken, erg mooi. De foto's zijn ook erg leuk geworden en we hebben de schilderijen van Debbie bewonderd. Hoe was het in Japan? Heb je daar een mooie tijd gehad? Wij hopen dat alles goed met jullie gaat en dat we snel weer wat van jullie horen!

Groeten Koos, Pieterke en Lydia

Ken and Kathy Carlson

July 17, 2006

Love you guys and praying for you. See you when you get back from Japan.

Mary Coulbourne

July 12, 2006



July 9, 2006

Moin Kevin, wenn dir schon tausend Maedchen aus Papenburg und Rhauderfehn schreiben, will ich dir auch schnell etwas in dein Gaestebuch schreiben.
Die Leute haben recht. Deine Stimmes ist fantastisch und deine "Buehnenpraesenz" ist wirklich grossartig.


June 30, 2006

Hi kevin !
I hope you will be able to visit us again ! It was a pleasure to see you and to listen to your new Cd !
Bisous de St-dié et de "l'arrière-pays!"

jan folkersma

June 20, 2006

Hope you had a great time in Iceland and you arrived safely back home. Did you have problems in the train because of this stamp-issue? :-)


June 18, 2006

ich bin ein magischer ninja

Anika vom Mariengymnasium pbg, Kl. 7 F/L 2

June 18, 2006

Hello Mr. Browne! It was really nice from you that you visit us in our class. Your voice is great I can't forget these songs. It was a really good English lesson. I hope to hear from you soon and that you visit our class again. And don't forget to ask your class for the words in the american 'youth language' ^^ Bye, bye

Britta vom Mariengymnasium Papenburg Kl. 7f/l2

June 17, 2006

hey mr browne, I enjoyed to hear your songs on wednesday(was it wednesday?) I hope you'll visit aur school a second time...your songs are very cool!! ...amisty's shoes is very cool and the girl in the front row, too!! cih habe sogar die ganze zeit einen ohrwurm von den liedern;) see ya :*

Marianne vom Mariengymnasium Papenburg Kl. 7F/L2

June 17, 2006

Hello! I enjoyed the lesson with you. Your songs are very good!!

Pia vom Mariengymnasium Papenburg ( Kl.7F/L2)

June 16, 2006

Die songs warn echt cool vor allem The girl in the front row!!!
Ich hoffe sie besuchen "GABY" mal wieder, und dass sie dann wieder zu uns in die Klasse kommen!!!


June 16, 2006

hallo kevin!!! Sie waren ja letztens in unsrer schule!!! Die kreisrealschule Overlendingerland!!! Dort waren sie ja in einer 10.Klasse, die klasse von Mr. Bird!!! Ich bin in der 7.Klasse und saß da hinten in der Reihe!!! ihre Lieder die Sie uns vorgespielt haben waren richtig coooolll!!!!!!

Lisa vom mg papenburg (7FL2)

June 15, 2006

Ihre songs sind soooo cool misty shoes sind am coolsten!!!

June 15, 2006

hi kevin, may you can bring more songs from you in the side from forest moon pruduction,, i like to listen to your song, you have a great voice!!!

Manni & Heike Schulte

June 15, 2006

Hallo Debbi & Kevin,
der gestrige Abend war sehr schön. Vieln Dank! Wir hoffen, dass wir Euch beim nächsten Besuch wiedersehen werden.
Liebe Grüße aus Papenburg
Manni,Heike,Wiebke,Merle und Jelte Schulte

June 15, 2006

girl in the front row,, best song from all of them

Aubrey Zagata

June 2, 2006

I demand royalties--or at least a dedication page.

Eric Fisher

May 30, 2006

I just got Herr Browne's CDs in on Saturday I very much enjoyed the CDs just as I enjoyed listening to him play in my German classes. I had never heard some of his songs prior to that simply because they had been written after I had graduated. I enjoyed the peices very much from the teacher whom I feel most influenced who I am today. You're a great instructor Herr Browne, Very few can accomplish in their life time what you accomplish with your students everyday.

Josh Ryan

May 24, 2006

I haven't had a chance to listen to the new cd but I can't wait to get it. I think it's really neat that you put the chords for some of the songs in the lyrics.


May 8, 2006

Hey Kevin!
Nice website!!! I was really lucky to receice your email since it has been a while... ;)
I will see what I can do for you and also send you an email during the next few days. :)
Liebe Grüsse aus Deutschland,


May 3, 2006

hey kevin!!
paye ton site!lol
nice website..I hope to listen to your new CD.. see you soon in france ;)

henry jackman

May 3, 2006

I think that's what the apostle Paul meant when he wrote about the wealth of the grace of our God and Father in Jesus, it's to know and love and be loved by people like this beloved family of musicians, literary artists and oil paint artists, and over and above all their love and passion for God our Father, the Lord Jesus Christ, His Word and for His church
The grace of our Lord Jesus be multiplied unto you all to whom be all the glory.

Tony Berlureau

May 1, 2006

Wow...Great CD Mr.Browne.I loved the first 2 and Scenery was just as good. Your music is really inspirational and it helps me think when I have a lot of things going thru my mind. I will greatly miss you after graduation but I will deffinately stop in to see you. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to hear what you have in store for the 4th CD.You're the BEST!!!

Cassie and Sarah!

April 26, 2006

WHOO! You are the greatest Mr. Browne. Your music is amazing...ludwigshafen rocks! We're your number 1 fans!!!!! and we drive around the country in a BIG WHITE VAN!

Amanda Castle

April 20, 2006

Hey stand partner!!!

Emily Huffman

April 17, 2006

Hey Mr. Browne!!

I might somehow contact you because i would like to purchase all three of your cds. I've always enjoyed your music and i kept meaning to buy them before i graduated but i never came up with enough money till now. I find myself getting your songs you used to sing in class stuck in my head all the time then i start to miss your class. I might try purchasing them online if not then i will somehow contact you and get them. Cya later Mr. Browne!!

James Howard

April 17, 2006

I came across your music by a former student of yours, his name is mark he now lives in sc. Your super talented and and your way with words is amazing. Just wanted to say hello and let you know you have a true gift. Keep it up and i cant wait to get the other cds.

Steven Scheick

April 10, 2006

Loving the new cd!

Austin Hooper

April 10, 2006

Scenery is my new favorite CD, its in my computer playing at this very moment.

Mike McNaughton

April 8, 2006

I enjoyed the "Jackson-Browne" show last night! You guys rock!

Morgen Muffel

April 4, 2006

Hey..I'm gonna buy all your CDs before I graduate. See you in class.


April 3, 2006

Wow.. That was quick!! Didn't waste any time with the 3rd cd... I need to know how much it is.

Ken DeCelles

March 21, 2006

Thanks for showing me the site Mr. Browne. Can't wait for the new CD

Steven Scheick

March 20, 2006

can't wait for the next cd!

Sara DeBerry

March 19, 2006

It was so great to hear from you it totally made my day! Unfortunately, I lost my copy of No Way Out, but that just gives me an excuse to buy another one and pick up Scottsmoor as well. I am sure that your new one will be just as great, so I am eagerly awaiting that one as well. Hop to it-your fans are hungry for more!

Katie Raymond

March 1, 2006

I love Ring Around My Heart and probably always will. Or course, then there's the Bicycle Song.. =) Danke von alles!

Jessica Heron

March 1, 2006

I love The Bicycle Song! Actually I love all the songs on both the CDs.


February 20, 2006

Your songs are totally awesome!!! I love your songs and site. Your songs are really insperational.

shane rosonina

February 17, 2006

ludwigshafen is a great song and the guitar playing is amazing..

Douglas Buck

February 13, 2006

Nice job guys....... give the words a face or two to go by.

Let your closest friends pick the pictures though.... WE always sell ourselves short in the end.

Jonathan Burke

February 11, 2006

Hi there. From one of your non-musical relatives.

Sheryl Olguin

February 11, 2006

Nice site! Thanks for putting up the translations.
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